Blah… Blah… Blah… Humbug!  

Don’t settle for gobbledygook. Go for guffaws and gotcha’s guaranteed to get your audience off their rear and into a smarter gear.

It takes one to know one. The old saw holds true when it comes to describing Kay Cannon’s speaking. Kay pulls back the curtain with a funny, insider’s look into the secret world of top performing Type A individuals. Your audience will laugh and then learn as Kay brings ideas to the forefront that your audience has never considered. And, in true Type A fashion, when Kay finishes speaking, you will know what to do, when to do it and, most importantly, why you need to do it.

In the good ole’ days, with their steely-eyed focus and turbo-charged tactics, Type A’s could dominate the game by slicing, dicing and sacrificing. That party is over. New competitive forces, technology and employee engagement have leveled the playing field. It’s time to wake up and smell the truth. Like gas guzzling relics, traditional Type A’s are becoming passé. Kay’s speaking throws light on this new world and shows Type A’s how to still get the big wins by using new ways.


Kay’s Newest Programs

What Just Happened?!
Why Type A’s Implode, Go Nuts and Do Stupid Things

With their competitive nature and “whatever it takes” attitude, Type A individuals tend to rise to the top of performer ranks. Executive suites, management teams and board rooms are filled with talented, smart Type A individuals.

When Type A individuals implode, go nuts or do something stupid, we frequently ask… “What were they thinking?”  

In this session Kay Cannon reveals the three most commons answers and the seldom recognized mental traps that launch top performers on a trajectory for trouble and what you can do to avoid the train wreck.


Juggling Elephants and Herding Cats
How to Align and Engage Superstar Stakeholders without Losing Your Groove

No one argues louder or longer than a Type A superstar.

Executive suites, management teams and board rooms are filled with highly driven Type A individuals who must align, engage and execute in sticky situations. Pack this high caliber power and passion into a pressure cooker and there’s bound to be brouhaha’s along with the brilliance. Unfortunately, demands, debates and dirty looks can easily morph into dangerous distractions.

In this session Kay Cannon takes a humorous and helpful look at how to keep Type A Titans in tune and on target when you absolutely, positively can’t afford to miss a beat.


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“Kay Cannon knows how to break through the icy exteriors that Type-A leaders often front. She does this through personal lessons, honest humor and real-world solutions. You leave Kay’s presentation with new tactics to grow your business, employees and most importantly, yourself.”

Celeste  Hilling
Skin Authority

"I produce an annual conference that is attended by high-achieving, veteran political professionals. They are a demanding group. Kay delivered a keynote and workshop that enabled us to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of our high-achieving selves, and to laugh while doing so. We now have strategies to maximize key workplace relationships and to better manage ourselves. You will not regret hiring Kay Cannon for your next conference!"

Amy Showalter
Co-Found and Producer,
Innovate to Motivate TM    
The Showalter Group, Inc


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